We are a law firm providing cost effective and personalized legal services. When it comes to fees, you always have a choice. Our fees were earned through alternative billing arrangements. When it comes to applying discount arrangements, however, we are open to reducing the hourly rates or employing a tiered volume discount arrangement.

We also have experience with blended rates, retained (budget-based or calendar-based), contingency arrangement, fixed/flat fee arrangement, capped fee arrangement, and capped fee arrangement that collar. We have successfully engaged with our clients in arrangement that combine one of these methods with a risk/reward component, such as a success fee.


Finally, for our institutional clients, for which we do a broad range of legal work and business counsel, we have developed customized menus linking specific services to win/win pricing options.


In exchange for a flat annual fee, clients that elect to enroll in the client maintenance plan will receive a complimentary annual file review, loyalty discounts on the firm’s services, a subscription to ever plans (a platform for storing legal documents, financial and other personal information and safely) and ongoing legal education. If you are one of our valued clients and would like additional information concerning our client maintenance plans. We thrive on our personal connection with clients.

With the guiding vision that commitment, excellence and integrity drive success, our legal services focuses on building lasting and mutually beneficial.


As a law firm, BPV LT & IP ATTORNEY is well-positioned to meet the legal needs of any client doing business in DRC.

BPV LT & IP ATTORNEY knows that when companies decide to outsource, they are making a significant commitment .


We have been earning the trust of our clients through our commitment to excellent service and results-oriented legal representation, and we look forward to the opportunity to earn your trust as well as serving our clients effectively and efficiently is the highest priority for all of the attorneys at BPV.​

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